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Be notified by the Proxy watchdog

The Artica Proxy watchdog is able to notify  when it encounter issues ( emergencies, crash…) You are be able to receive notifications by mail on each critical events On the top menu, click on Your Proxy On the “Monitor events” section, click on Email notifications link.   Turn to green […]


Virtual Switchs

A Virtual switch allows you to create Virtual Network Interface that are able to use the main physical interface to communicate with your networks. It is intended that there is no sense to use virtual switch when using Artica on a “virtual machine” such as VMWare because the virtualization system […]



Update manually hardware inventory

Artica scan the hardware only each 3 days, since most of servers are now installed on a virtualization system, administrators are able to change the hardware periodically. To force Artica to scan the memory, CPUs, disks, click on the TOP menu on System. Select System optimization. Click on “Refresh System […]

Fix the network interface used by Artica updater

By default, Artica use the first interface defined in the network in order to retreive updates. If you use multiple interfaces, you have to choose which Interface should be used in order to retreive updates. On the TOP menu, click on the Arrow. Choose Update icon. On the parameters section, […]



Change the Webfiltering error page address.

By default, Artica use the IP address of the proxy to redirect blocked requests to the error page. To change the location of the Web filtering error page, on the TOP menu, click on Your Proxy button. Choose the link “Banned page service“ You will be redirected to the Banned […]

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Switch between 2 routers with proxy ACLs rules

This topic is for transferring request to the right router using ACLs on the Same Artica proxy server Our proxy use 2 network Interfaces. One is linked to the router1 and on interface linked to the router2 We have 2 LANs, one is and second is […]