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Display FireWall events

When using the FireWall, you can see blocked events in a real-time monitor Available with Artica v2.21.092915 or above. On the TOP menu, select Events icon Choose the “FireWall” tab A table display the last blocked events from the FireWall on your server.

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1.9x/1.8x: My Log partition is full and my proxy crash

This is caused because Artica did not correctly clean the log partition ( This is fixed in 2.x versions) If you want to use the 1.9x, use this way to clean your log partition: Use the terminal or any SSH connection: wget https://articatech.net/download/remove-artica-logs.sh chmod 0755 remove-artica-logs.sh ./remove-artica-logs.sh

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What are services for the FireWall ?

Services is a collection of protocol and ports you can allow or deny in your defined Interfaces. Services can be managed by clicking on the “Services” Link under the Rules and Services section. A table is displayed and shows you all available services. You can create a new one by […]