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Display FireWall events

When using the FireWall, you can see blocked events in a real-time monitor Available with Artica v2.21.092915 or above. On the TOP menu, select Events icon Choose the “FireWall” tab A table display the last blocked events from the FireWall on your server.

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1.9x/1.8x: My Log partition is full and my proxy crash

This is caused because Artica did not correctly clean the log partition ( This is fixed in 2.x versions) If you want to use the 1.9x, use this way to clean your log partition: Use the terminal or any SSH connection: wget chmod 0755 ./

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What are services for the FireWall ?

Services is a collection of protocol and ports you can allow or deny in your defined Interfaces. Services can be managed by clicking on the “Services” Link under the Rules and Services section. A table is displayed and shows you all available services. You can create a new one by […]

Network interface policy and behavior

Each network Interface can have a default policy and behavior. These method did not define routers, just access to defined Interface. You can change the policy and the behavior by clicking on the Network interface in the firewall section. Default policy The default policy can be “Strict mode” or “Trusted […]

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Secure gateway feature

Secure gateway is a feature that allow forwarding network packets only on a white-listed ports and protocols. It is used when Artica is defined as a gateway ( Transparent proxy ) in order to limit peer-to-peer accesses. It is available on Artica v2.21.092811 or above. On your Proxy section, click […]

Proxy is restarted every day at 7h ?

A default task reboot the proxy service every day at 07h. You can disable it. Select Your Proxy top menu Choose Tasks link under Update & Maintain section Find the task that restart the proxy service Uncheck the checkbox Click on Compile settings

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Logs emergency

If the partition log is full or if the Proxy claims with it’s logger daemon, Artica turn the proxy to system to log emergency. The Log emergency force the proxy to continue processing access to internet without write any log. When the proxy is turned to log emergency, the dashboard […]

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SSL connections are very slow. Why?

When playing with certificates, the proxy use caches to store generated certificates for each visited SSL website. This cache is not cleaned when you change the certificate in a proxy port. How to purge certificates cache database ? On Your Proxy section, select SSL rules link. On the main tab, […]