Webfiltering redirection behavior

Webfiltering redirection behavior defines how blocked websites are redirected to the error page.

  • On the top menu, select “Your Proxy
Your proxy on the top menu

Your proxy on the top menu

  • Choose Service parameters under the URL filtering section.

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Select “Client Parameters” tab.

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Redirect Connection

  • By default the Webfiltering is set on “Redirect Connection” method (send redirect method to the error page service).
  • This behavior make the URL change on browsers.
  • Blocked SSL websites encounter a browser ERROR because the redirect method in SSL is not supported by Browsers.

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  • With this method you can define the HTTP error sent to the Browser:
    • Moved Permanently: Browsers save redirection into cache and will be redirected to the error page without need to be connected to the proxy.
    • Moved temporarily: Browser execute redirection but will not save into their caches the redirect URL.

 Rewrite URL

  • Rewrite URL is different, when connecting to the proxy, the proxy will fetch the redirected page itself and display the content in the connection.
  • Browsers will be not redirected and display the content page sent by the proxy.

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  • Blocked SSL websites display a certificate error because the content of the ERROR page is sent with a certificate different from the requested website.
    After accepting the certificate, browsers display the error page.

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