Use a parent proxy

Use a parent proxy feature is used when you want to forward request to an upstream proxy server.


How to define a parent proxy ?

On the top menu, select “Your Proxy

Your proxy on the top menu

Your proxy on the top menu

  • Select the link “Parent Proxy
  • Turn to green “Use Parent Proxy
  • Turn to green “Prefer Direct” if you want to force proxy to “only” use defined parents
  • Click on Apply

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  • Click on “Proxy Parents” tabs
  • Click on Add a parent proxy button
  • Set the address of the remote proxy parent
  • Set the listen port of the remote proxy parent.
  • Set the ICP port if it was defined on the parent Proxy.
    Note: if you want your proxy send ICP requests to the parent Proxy, you need to add an ICP port in the listen ports section
  • Click on Add

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  • You can add several parents.
  • To make parents available you need to click on “Apply” button.

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