Enable Antivirus on your proxy (v2)


This procedure explains how to enable Antivirus (ClamAV) on your Artica Proxy.
The Proxy Antivirus plugin is able to analyze in real-time all datas downloaded by the Proxy in HTTP mode.
If your proxy is not turned to MAN-IN-THE-MIDDLE feature, no SSL content will be scanned.


On the top menu, click on Your Proxy

Your proxy on the top menu

Your proxy on the top menu

Select Web Antivirus (disabled) link under the Antivirus Protection section

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  • You should see An Error ( Missing ClamAV pattern databases )
  • Click on the Update button.

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  • Wait during the update process.

24-06-2015 10-51-47

  • Turn to green Activate C-ICAP engine option and click on Apply.

24-06-2015 12-25-37

  • After rebuilding the proxy settings, the service must be turned to green

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Test your appliance

Click on this web page in order to download the EICAR detection signature in order to see if your proxy reject the download ( Test EICAR )


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