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Artica as parent proxy

Warning, there are some changes between 2.10.062301, please take care about this new procedure. The procedure make Artica as Parent proxy and allows childs proxy to be connected. Click on “Your Proxy” on the TOP menu. ¬†Choose “Listen ports“ Click on New Port Turn to green the Parent Proxy option. […]

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Enable Antivirus on your proxy (v2)

  This procedure explains how to enable Antivirus (ClamAV) on your Artica Proxy. The Proxy Antivirus plugin is able to analyze in real-time all datas downloaded by the Proxy in HTTP mode. If your proxy is not turned to MAN-IN-THE-MIDDLE feature, no SSL content will be scanned.   On the […]

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Webfiltering redirection behavior

Webfiltering redirection behavior defines how blocked websites are redirected to the error page. On the top menu, select “Your Proxy“ Choose Service parameters under the URL filtering section. Select “Client Parameters” tab. Redirect Connection By default the Webfiltering is set on “Redirect Connection” method (send redirect method to the error […]

Use a parent proxy

Use a parent proxy feature is used when you want to forward request to an upstream proxy server. How to define a parent proxy ? On the top menu, select “Your Proxy” Select the link “Parent Proxy“ Turn to green “Use Parent Proxy“ Turn to green “Prefer Direct” if you […]

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Snapshots in Artica are designed to backup/restore all Artica setting except Network settings and Active Directory parameters. Snapshots can be used to restore settings from a specific snapshot’s date or can be restored to an other server. Create a Snapshot On the top menu, click on the Arrow icon. Select […]