Send events by syslog

Send events by syslog is a feature designed to increase performance on the proxy box for statistics purpose.

To use this feature, you need a statistics appliance and Artica v2.11.062812 or above.

By default, the proxy server is in charge to analyze real-time events, compress events and save statistics events to the statistics appliance remote port ( 8086 TCP ).
An Artica service is in charge of analyze real-time events and perform inject statistics to the InfluxDB port.

This method consume some performance :

  • The proxy service must write events on local disk.
  • An artica process is running to analyze real-time events and compress them.
  • When using several proxy servers the InfluxDB port increase it’s resource in order to open a 8086 port for each remote server.



When using the “Send events by syslog” feature, the proxy service sends real-time events directly to the statistics appliance using syslog port ( udp 514 )

This feature shutdown the local Artica service and the remote statistics appliance is in charge to analyze real-time events and inject statistics to the local InfluxDB port.

This way make these benefits:

  • No local Artica service is running on the proxy box.
  • When using several proxy servers, only one port (
    This reduce resource on the InfluxDB service.
  • You are able to see all servers real-time events on the Statistics server trough Artica Web console.

BUT: Sending real-time events consume more bandwidth because events are sent without being compressed







Enable the Send events by syslog feature

  • On the TOP menu, choose Statistics.
  • Select statistics engine icon.

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  • Turn to green the Use a remote server option.
  • Set the address of the statistics appliance
  • Turn to on the Send events by syslog option
  • Define the user name and the password of the Artica Manager ( SuperAdmin )
  • Click on Apply button

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