Search events in legal logs with Logs finder

Statistics engine store only domains and not requests for performance and database size.
If you want to extract and analyze¬† requests from a defined period, you can user “logs finder” feature.
The log finder is a feature that parses “Legal logs” history in order to find requests.
This feature is available with Artica v2.39.071611

On the top menu, click on the Statistics item


  • Select “Logs finder” item


  • Click on “New search” button and build your query by choosing period and some elements.


  • Your query is added in the table.
  • Your query is “grey” because nothing was found on your query
  • Click on the green arrow in order to execute the search task.


  • When the task is complete, the row can be clicked
  • The first link allows you to read the events from Artica Web console.
  • The second link with a file and a size allows you to download events in gz format



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