Create a WPAD service

Artica is able to handle and generate WPAD scripts dynamically.

Artica provides a wizard in order to help you.
This wizard enable a Web service and a simple script for the first time.

  • Select “Your proxy” on the top menu.
  • Under Control, select Autoconfiguration link

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  • Click on the button in order to run the wizard

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  • ¬†First set the domain of your network usually sent by your dhcp server.
    You can see this domain with the command ipconfig /all on your workstation.
    See the domain connection suffix entry

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  • Set the subnet of your network

26-05-2015 12-40-11

  • Set the ip address/listen port¬† of the Artica Proxy

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  • Click on Build Settings in order to construct your WPAD service

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