Allow non-NTLM users (2.x)

When connecting the proxy to your Active Directory, the proxy allow only  users inside Microsoft domain scope.

Workstations such as Linux, tablets or outside the domain is not able to connect to the proxy correctly.
The NTLM proxy is a service designed to tranform a basc Authentication to an NTLM authentication.

In this case a Linux Workstation is able to login with an Active Directory account in order to pass trough the proxy if it use the NTLM Proxy.

  • On Your proxy section, Choose “Active Directory” link.

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  • Select the tab “NTLM Proxy
  • Turn to green the Activate NTLM Proxy Service feature.
  • Choose a new listen port ( not the current proxy port)
  • Choose the Real Proxy port in the “Local port
  • Click on Apply

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  • Point browsers to the new defined listen port
  • Browser will be prompted to enter the Active Directory user in order to be translated to NTLM method

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