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Centralize personal Web filtering categories

Personal Web filtering categories can be centralized if you using Artica v2.17.072400 or above on both Meta server and Artica clients. With Meta you can create a personal category that will be replicated on all Artica clients specified in an Artica Meta Groups. 1) Create your categories trough Artica Meta […]

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Connect to meta server trough the console

To connect an artica proxy to the meta server , you need first to run the install wizard. Without executing the installation wizard, process will failed. Choose Meta menu   Select Join a meta server   Set the IP address of the Meta server   Set the listen port of […]

Send HotSpot self-register members to Artica Meta

When using the HotSpot feature in Artica, members are added to the database temporary. If you need to grab self-registerĀ members, you can ask the HotSpot service to send email addresses to Artica Meta. To use this feature both Meta server and Artica Proxy must use the v2.15.071610 or above. On […]

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Global Proxy transparent white-list

The Global transparent list is available if your Meta server and meta clients are onĀ 2.15.071218 versions or above. It allows you to define a white-list when using a Transparent/Tproxy proxy port By default all connections going trough Artica Proxy are redirected to the local proxy service. This feature allows you […]

Update Artica versions trough Artica Meta

When Artica is connected trough a Meta server, it remove possibility to be updated directly trough Internet. Only the meta server is able to update connected Artica servers. You can update Artica trough Meta groups or on a single Artica server. When adding an Artica package into the Meta server, […]

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