Global Proxy transparent white-list

The Global transparent list is available if your Meta server and meta clients are onĀ 2.15.071218 versions or above.
It allows you to define a white-list when using a Transparent/Tproxy proxy port

By default all connections going trough Artica Proxy are redirected to the local proxy service.
This feature allows you to not using the proxy for sources or destinations TCP/IP addresses.

This feature can be done locally or trough Artica Meta.

  • On the Meta server, click on “Groups” tab
  • Select the icon under the “Transparent” column.

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  • You have 2 tabs
    • First if for destinations IP addresses.
    • Second is for Sources IP addresses.
  • Choose the correct tab.
  • Click on New Networks button
  • Add white-listed networks in the text-area

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  • After creating your White-list click on “Notify” button in order to order remote Artica servers to retrieve your rules.

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