Bypass a computer from authentication method

This post explain how to disable authentication for certain proxy objects while enabled for others.
For example, I want machineA to pass the proxy without authentication and machineB is still being authenticated.

To perform this rule you need to know how to define your whitelisted internal computer.

Your computer can be recognized by IP address or MAC address.

In our example, we will use MAC address

  • Under the proxy section, choose Access Control list icon.

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  • Click on New rule, give a name of your rule
  • Click on the freshed created rule

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  • Check the “Allow” option and click on Apply
  • Click on items tab

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  • Click on “New proxy object
  • Give a name of your proxy object
  • Choose MAC Address
  • Click on Add button


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  • Select your new Proxy object
  • Click on New item
  • Set the MAC address
  • Click on Add button19-07-2014 23-08-31
  • The table shows that your object “Allows” computer, that means your computer will not be authenticated trough the proxy
  • Click on Apply in order to make rule in production mode.


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