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Bypass a computer from authentication method

This post explain how to disable authentication for certain proxy objects while enabled for others. For example, I want machineA to pass the proxy without authentication and machineB is still being authenticated. To perform this rule you need to know how to define your whitelisted internal computer. Your computer can […]

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Installation Wizard step by step

Installation Wizard step by step Connect trough your freshed installed appliance. Click Next on the Welcome message. 1) Simple Network configuration Server and domain timezone: Choose the TimeZone for your server. It is an important part in order to correctly connect your server to an Active Directory server or to […]

Installing Artica Proxy trough the CD-ROM

Here it is the step by step of Artica Proxy installation trough the CD-ROM Verify that your hardware is 64bits compatible. Download the ISO file Put the CD into your server and boot trough the CD-ROM On the screen below, type Enter Choose your desired system language. Select your country […]

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