White-list websites using your categories

You can white-list websites using your category instead using the global white-list.
Using your category is more flexible because the white-list operation is made for each rule not for all users.

1) Create Your dedicated category for white-listing.

  • On Your Proxy section, choose “Your Categories” link.
  • On the main table, click on new category
  • Set the category name ( less than 15 characters)
  • Set the category description.
  • Click on Add

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  • Click on the new created category in the main table.
  • Select Websites tab.
  • Click on Add Websites button.
  • Enable the Force option.
  • Give your domains you need to whitelist.
  • Click on Add

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  • Click on the compile icon in order to install category data to the system disk.

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2) Affect your white-list category to your rules.

  • Click on webfiltering rules link
  • On the rule you want to add white-list, click on the WHITELIST link number.

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  • Enable the checkbox on your white-list category in the list.

18-09-2015 18-00-12

  • Click on Compile rules to make your changes on the Web filtering

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