Using Active Directory Child Domains with Artica proxy

When connecting Artica to a domain that have child domains, some ACLs or web-filtering rules are not applied.

This caused because Artica is not able to find groups/users trough LDAP using the master Active Directory server.


When using Childs domains, Artica must be connected directly to slaves Active Directory servers in order to find users and groups.

  • With Artica v2.37 or above.
  • On Your Proxy section, click on Active Directory link

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  • Choose LDAP settings tab
  • Click on Alternate servers button.

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  • Click on New server.
  • NT Domain is the domain ( workgroup ) defined in your secondary Active Directory server.
  • Hostname is the hostname or the IP address of the sub-Active directory server.
  • LDAP server port is the LDAP listen port ( default 389 )
  • Active Directory suffix is the main LDAP branch of your remote Active Directory server ( use adsedit to retreive it ).
  • Bind DN connection and password are the credentials to parse the Active Directory LDAP database ( these informations are optional ). If not set, Artica will use credentials of the primary domain.

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