Difference between the Community Edition and the Entreprise Edition

Artica have 2 license models: The Community Edition and the Entreprise Edition.

The Entreprise Edition allows you to:

  • Active Directory connection: In Community edition, the Active Directory connection is not available.
  • One single instance: In Community Edition, you can only use one proxy instance ( unlimited in Corporate edition )
  • Create caches: In Community edition your are limited to one 2GB cache directory.
  • Limited statistics: In Community Edition you have only 5 days retention for statistics.
  • Use Artica Web filtering Database: In Community Edition you can only use Toulouse University database¬† for 3.000.000 websites ( Artica provides 31.000.000 categorized websites ).
  • Extra Antivirus Malwares databases: In Community Edition basics ClamAV updates are available, with the entreprise edition, extra Malwares, phishing, botnets antivirus databases are automatically enabled.
  • Create your own web filtering categories: In Community edition, you are not able to create your own categories.
  • Use Categories in Proxy ACLs: Entreprise Edition allows you to create specific rules for limit bandwidth, allow,deny according websites categories.
  • Skin error and blocked pages: Entreprise Edition allows you to skin, change design of errors pages and blocked pages.
  • Skin and design the HotSpot: Entreprise Edition allows you to skin, change design the HotSpot front-end.



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