Use a GoDaddy certificate for a Proxy SSL port

To obtain a GoDaddy certificate you need to generate the Certifcate request with the Certificate center

  • Click on Your system on the top menu.
  • Select Certificate Center item.

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  • Click on Certificate CSR tab.
  • The most important field is the Common Name, it should be a full domain if you purchase a single domain.

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  • If you have purchased an illimited sub-domains (wildcard certificate), add a star and your domain.

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  • Click on Generate the Certificate request button after fill the form.
  • Copy the data displayed in the text area.


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  • Login with your GoDaddy account.
  • Paste the generated certificate to the form.
  • The form will show you the certificate name based on the Common Name defined trough the Certificate Request form.

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  • Follow the Godaddy instructions in order to retreive your certificate.
  • On the Godaddy website, download your certificate zip file, use the “Other” server type.

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  • The zip contains 2 files, the certificate and the bundle

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  • With notepad, open these files.
  • Add the content of the gd_bundle-g2-g1.crt after the content of the certificate file.


  • On the certificate center, click on New certificate
  • Choose “Upload Your certificate” button.
  • Give a name of your certificate.

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  • Click on the added entry.
  • Choose Certificates tab.
  • Click on Certificate in the list
  • Paste the certificate content ( your certificate content and the gd_bundle-g2-g1.crt content)

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  • Click on Your Proxy on the top menu.
  • Choose “Listen ports”

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  • Click on New port
  • Set your port name
  • Define the listen port number
  • Turn on Use SSL encryption option.
  • Choose your Godaddy certificat in the drop-down list.

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  • Click on Add button and after on “Apply
  • Artica test your certificate validity

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