Rewrite rules

Rewrite rules can be used to modify requests in the fly. It is a part of the Web filtering.
To understand this feature we want to change the to

  • First you need to create rewrite objects
  • Click on the top menu on Your proxy.
  • Click on rewrite objects

30-05-2015 11-59-09

  • Click on new object on the table.
  • Give an object name.

30-05-2015 12-03-56

  • Click on the new created object
  • Select items tab
  • Add “bing.” in the first field and “google.” in the second field.
  • Add “msn.” in the first field and “google.” in the second field.

30-05-2015 12-26-05

  • Click on Your Proxy on the top menu
  • Choose Webfiltering rules.

30-05-2015 12-30-15

  • Choose your webfiltering rule
  • Select Rewrite rules tab.
  • Enable your bing replace rule.

30-05-2015 12-31-18

  • Click on compile rules button to make the rule in production mode.

30-05-2015 12-32-03

If users type or, browsers will be redirected to
Note: these rules works only on HTTP protocol or HTTPS with proxy decryption method.
You cannot use rewrite rules on blocked websites, blocked websites will be blocked first before rewrite urls.

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