Proxy error pages with Internet Explorer style

By default when the proxy  encounter connections errors ( DNS failed, routing error, protocols error) proxy display this error page:

30-05-2015 01-32-13

  • With this error page, users understand that it is an error generated by the proxy.
  • Latest Internet explorer versions display this error page:

30-05-2015 01-34-35

  • To not disturb users we can transform proxy error page to the Internet Explorer style error page.
  • You need to use Artica v.2.03.053001 or above
  • On the top menu, click on your proxy
  • Select templates errors link

30-05-2015 11-22-02

  • Turn to green Use Microsoft design feature

30-05-2015 11-23-38

  • Proxy error pages will be turned in this way.

30-05-2015 11-37-19


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