Partition of legal logs exceed xx%

If you receive this notification, this means the partition where proxy “source/legal” logs are stored is full.

Usually the log storage path is “/home/logrotate_backup” in the /home partition or system partition.

How to fix this issue ?

1) Use a NAS smb in order to store logs.

  • Go into “Your Proxy
  • Click on the legal logs link


  • Select “Remote NAS storage tab
  • Turn on Use Remote NAS system and fill the form.


  • Old logs will be automatically moved to the remote shared folder.


2) Add a new disk and define storage directory in this new disk.

  • Add a new disk on your system and create a new partition.
  • Go into Log retention parameters and change the backup folder path to the new disk


3) Remove old logs

  • By defaut, Artica stores logs for an unlimited period.
  • Turn on “Clean old files” option, define the number of retention days
  • Logs will be cleaned at the next backup stage.



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