New Artica version 3.x

A new Artica Version 3 is available.

2.x versions will not be updated automatically and need to be updated manually.
The 2.x is still supported for minors bugs.
Download latest 3.x packages releases

Latest 2.x nightly:

The last 2.x nightly was the 2.39.082718 version.
Servers using this nightly version are strongly encouraged to upgrade to 3.x.
The 3.0 RC1 was built from the 2.39.082718 and is compatible.


Changes since the 2.x

This new 3.x version add major changes since 2.x.

  1. Dedicated HTTP engine for Auto-configuration feature:
    A dedicated web engine service as been added in order to reduce CPU/Memory consumption.
  2. Dynamic Bandwidth object:
    A new object has been added in order to define bandwidth quotas into ACls
  3. Templates Center:
    The Templates Center feature as been added in order to changes all Proxy Errors pages and HotSpot pages without any restrictions according CSS and images.
  4. Rebuild HotSpot engine:
    The Hotspot use it’s own HTTP engine in order to reduce memory and CPU and is able to change it’s behavior according browsers AND networks.
  5. Rebuild the Computers section:
    Will introduce “Artica Gateway” the advanced DHCP/DNS management with the dhcpd and PowerDNS services
  6. The Quota/Bandwidth object:
    A dedicated service can be used in ACls in order to deny,limit accesses according quotas.



  • 2016-08-27: RC1 released only using ISO files.
  • 2016-08-29: RC1 3.01.082913 ( fix UTF8 encoding errors and HotSpot templates errors )
  • 2016-09-07: RC1 3.01.090713 redesign the Computers section, fix an error when adding the outgoing address on proxy (crash the proxy service).


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