Multiple-processors feature

To use this feature, be sure to update Artica to 1.6.122619 and Squid-cache version 3.2.5 or above.
By default, the Proxy using only one processor.
Using a virtual server or a physical server with multiple processors did not increase performances.
The proxy supports basic SMP scale using “workers”. Administrators can configure and run one Squid that spawns multiple worker processes to utilize all available CPU cores.
A worker accepts new HTTP requests and handles each accepted request until its completion.
Workers can share the same port but they do not pass transactions to each other.
A worker has all capabilities of a single non-SMP process.


Enable the SMP support

The SMP support is linked with the number of caches you will add to your proxy.

Open the “Cache center” feature

17-07-2014 01-54-41

Select Caches Center tab.

17-07-2014 01-56-12

It display a table with all caches you can create.

By default, only one cache of 2GB is added, this first cache is linked to the CPU 1.

If you add a new cache linked to other CPU, then you will force the proxy to use 2 CPUs in order to handle requests.

If you have 4 CPUs, then you are able to add 1 caches on each CPU in order to enable SMP on 4 cpus



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