Traffic was increased after installing the proxy

Note, on older release ( before 1.8.071511 ) Artica download some unnecessary categories.
We suggest to Update to 1.8.071817 or above.


Artica downloads 3 major updates:

  • The Artica version ( if it is required ) : about 90MB
  • Artica Categories databases ( always downloaded ) : about 2.3GB
  • Artica Web filtering databases ( only if you have license ) : about 560MB
  • The Toulouse University databases ( if the Web filtering engine is enabled) : about 51MB

Artica Categories Databases what is it ?

Categories databases helps Artica to retrieve categories from a visited website, usually there are the same of the Web filtering database.
These databases are used only for the statistics engine.

Artica Web filtering databases what is it ?

Artica Web filtering databases are compressed binaries databases used by the main Web filtering engine in order to block or to allow accesses to web sites according rules.


Is it possible to reduce the downloaded flow ?

You have 2 ways to reduce the downloaded flow:

A) Disable the schedule and set your own.

By default, Artica downloads update each 3 hours, this schedule should disturb your bandwidth usage.
This procedure will force Artica to download updates only on a specified time.

  • Choose the update section.

18-07-2014 15-59-38

  • Click on Web Filtering Database tab
  • Click on Status tab
  • Turn to green the Update Only By schedule option.
  • Apply.

18-07-2014 16-01-21

  • Now select the schedule tab.
  • Add your own schedule that will force the proxy to download updates only on a non-production time.

18-07-2014 16-57-50


B) Reduce the download rate of the Artica downloader

Choose the update section

18-07-2014 15-59-38

  • Down to the end of form and define the bandwidth limitation to your needs.
  • This will reduce the download rate of the Artica updater.

18-07-2014 17-11-33


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