Microsoft Windows Updates Cache Enforcement

With Artica v2.25.102113 or above, a new feature called Microsoft Windows Update Enforcement allows you to fully cache Windows Updates.

How it works ?

This feature is able to allow the proxy to download itself requested Windows updates in order to server files locally.



  • Since Windows 7, updates are very big ( more then 350MB ), this feature safe bandwidth.
  • You are able to reduce the download  bandwidth rate used by the proxy in order to retrieive updates.
  • Directly integrated in the proxy, not necessary to create a dedicated machine for this feature.

Enable the Windows Update feature

  • Go to “Your Proxy” section
  • Click on the Windows Update link.

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  • Turn to green the Activate Windows Update Caching

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  • Deny if not in cache : If set, when the requested file is not stored on the local disk, the proxy refuse the connection.
  • Storage directory: You need at least 30GB of disk
  • Max partition size : If the partition size that stores the storage directory exceed the percentage value then Artica stop to fetch new Windows update files and allow computer to retrieve non-cached updates files trough Internet.
  • Cache others Microsoft Web sites : If set Artica will cache Windows tools, softwares…
  • Download Time out : Set the download failed if it exceed x minutes.
  • Limit the Bandwidth: limit the retriever service to a rate of kb/s
  • Big files : define what is for you a big file in MB
  • Limit the Bandwidth: limit the retriever service to a rate of kb/s when the file is more than the Big files size.
  • MAX fails : After x download failed, the big file will be saved in blacklist in order to never retrieve it again.
  • Use local Proxy: If set then the retriever  use the local proxy port
  • Forward interface: Define the Network Interface to use when downloading files.



  • The events section display the 2 processes (Proxy hook and the retriever ) that are in charge to cache Windows Updates

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  • Cached files are displayed in Green.
  • Files saved in the download Queue are displayed in Yellow.
  • Current Downloads are displayed in blue.

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  • After few times, when all requested packages are downloaded, everything is served locally.

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  • The main section shows you the size of your partition and downloads progress.

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  •  The storage section allows you to display downloaded and stored file on your repository

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