Installing Artica Proxy trough the CD-ROM

Here it is the step by step of Artica Proxy installation trough the CD-ROM

    • Verify that your hardware is 64bits compatible.
    • Download the ISO file
    • Put the CD into your server and boot trough the CD-ROM
    • On the screen below, type Enter

19-07-2014 14-33-58

Choose your desired system language.
19-07-2014 14-35-08

Select your country in order to define the correct time zone.
19-07-2014 14-35-31

You should receive this error, it is normal, type enter to continue.
19-07-2014 14-35-57

Wait during the installation.
19-07-2014 14-36-26

Choose your system keyboard type.
19-07-2014 14-40-55

After several times, you will see that this screen freeze, just enter into the screen and type Enter Key several times.
19-07-2014 14-43-57

You will see after type “Enter” key that the system will reboot, remove your CD-ROM.
19-07-2014 14-45-29

You will see that artica task installation, wait during the install, the server will be rebooted after.
19-07-2014 14-47-33

After the second reboot you will see the Appliance Menu, check the HTTPS url defined.
19-07-2014 14-48-55

Open your browser and connect to the defined url in order to launch the Wizard installation.

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