How to upgrade to a beta version ?

With artica an even number is a release an odd number is a beta version

By default Artica is not enabled to retreive beta builds

Trough the Artica Web console ( Automatic )

  • Click on the System top menu button
  • Click on Update link

25-05-2015 11-58-39

  • Turn to green the “Update Nightly releases” option
  • Click on Apply

25-05-2015 12-01-23

  • You will see the Nightly entry
  • Wait the product to be update.

25-05-2015 12-04-06

Trough the Artica Web console ( Manual)

  • Click on the Nightly link in order to download the package on your workstation.

25-05-2015 12-04-06

  • Click on “Manual Update” button


25-05-2015 12-09-46

  • Click on “Upload a file” button.

25-05-2015 12-11-41

  • Browse your Workstation and select the downloaded package

25-05-2015 12-12-12

  • Wait during the installation process.

25-05-2015 12-12-27

Trough the SSL console

do these command lines:

cd /root
tar xf artica-2.xx.xxxxxx.tgz -C /usr/share/
php /usr/share/artica-postfix/exec.nightly.php --restart-services

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