How to Install/Enable Kaspersky Antivirus Proxy server ?

Artica is compatible with Kaspersky Antivirus For Proxy Server and allows you to install it and manage it.

Note that you need a valid Kaspersky License to enable the Antivirus protection.
Please refer to your Artica Reseller or your Kaspersky Reseller to obtain a license.

1) Install Kaspersky Antivirus For Proxy Server

  • Click on the top Menu on your “Your Proxy
  • Click on the link “Kaspersky Antivirus For Proxy

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  • On the main screen, click on the “I Am interested, Install the solution

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  • A new popup is displayed, click on the Install Now button.

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  • Wait during the Installation process.

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  • Once installed, you will see in the “My Proxy” section the Kaspersky logo turned to green.

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2) Activate the Kaspersky For Proxy server License.

Click on the link and accept the license terms.

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  • On the left side, click on the red link “No Active key

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  • Click on the button “Upload a New license
  • A new popup is displayed, click on the green button in order to upload your “*.key” Kaspersky license file.

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  • Artica add your new Kaspersky license file and start the service.

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After adding your license, artica will run antivirus databases updates.
You need to wait full updates in order to get a valid license.

  • Once validated license, turn to green the Activate Antivirus service and click on Apply button

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