How to increase Web-filtering redirectors daemons ?

Depends on the number of requests calculated by the proxy you should needs increase  redirectors daemons.

When a browser send a request to the proxy, the proxy ask to Web-filtering redirectors if the request must be transfered to the desired web server.
The proxy is able to wait a free daemon to process requests.

By default, 20 daemons are available for the proxy.

Note: If you using the Corporate license and if you have added caches on different CPU, you should multiply the number of daemon per CPU.
For example: you have associated 2 caches, one for CPU#1 and second for CPU#2, the proxy should load 20*2 = 40 web-filtering redirectors processes.

To increase redirectors daemon

  • On the top menu, click on “Your Proxy
  • Under URL filtering section, click on Service Parameters.

11-05-2015 21-07-11

  • Choose “Performance Tab
  • On the drop-down list, increase the number of “Max processes to run

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  • Click on Apply button.

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