Deny a website to be cached

Artica is a strong proxy cache that claim to cache strongly websites in order to safe bandwidth.
In some cases ( web applications, News / chat websites ) this behavior is not productive.
You can easily deny some websites to be cached by the proxy.

1) How to see if a website is cached or not.

  • Click on Events top menu, you will see the real-time monitor.
    • A “green” request means the proxy send the object from it’s cache and the object is not retrieved from Internet.
    • A “black” request means the object is fetched from internet ( it is not cached ).



2) Deny a Web site to be cached

On the top menu click on “Action” button


Choose the “Deny from cache” icon.


  • Add the main domain in the list.
  • For example:
    • if the web site is www.domain.tld, add domain.tld
    • If the web site subdomain.domain.tld, add domain.tld
    • If you want to deny from cache only subdomain.domain.tld, add a “hat” ^subdomain.domain.tld
  • Click on Save.


  • The Save button did not apply rules in production ! Click on the button “Compile” to make it in production mode.
  • Verify on the real-time events that everything is black for the added website.


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