Backup and download statistics database

This feature is available in Artica version 1.8.100623 or above.
With this feature, you can backup the whole statistics database and download the container.

  • On the TOP menu, click on “Proxy Service

06-10-2014 23-16-12

  • Choose “Statistics” icon;

06-10-2014 23-16-41

Allow to browse the backup directory

  • Select MySQL service tab
  • Select Backup Tab.

06-10-2014 23-17-38

  • Turn to green the option “Allow to browse the backup directory
  • Click on “Apply” button.

06-10-2014 23-28-02

By clicking on the “Browse..” button, you are able to browse the backup directory.

06-10-2014 23-30-16

Backup your database.

  • Select the “Status” tab.
  • Click on the “Backup Database” button

06-10-2014 23-32-44

  • Wait during the operation.

06-10-2014 23-34-37

  • Go into the URL ( https://yourserver:9000/backup-stats ) and download the backup container.



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