Upgrade to a nightly build

A nightly build is a build designed to test some new features or to fix some issues.
Our community download regularly these versions and report bugs or interface issues.
After several times, we decide to turn the latest nightly build to a release/official version.
By default Artica is set to retrieve automatically released versions.

Packages can be downloaded on this page : https://www.articatech.net/nightly.php

Upgrade trough the Interface:

Download the latest nightly build package.

01-10-2014 10-54-45

  • On the Web interface, click on the top arrow

01-10-2014 10-56-44

  • Choose the “Update” icon

01-10-2014 10-57-08

  • Click on “Manual update” icon

01-10-2014 10-59-05


  • Click on “Upload a file” button.
  • Choose the latest download package
  • Wait during the installation.

01-10-2014 11-00-28


Upgrade trough command line

Perform these operations:

cd /root
wget https://www.articatech.net/nightbuilds/artica-1.8.xxxxxx.tgz
tar xf artica-1.8.xxxxxx.tgz -C /usr/share/
php /usr/share/artica-postfix/exec.nightly.php --restart-services


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