Auto-mount center

Auto-mount center allows you to add dynamic network connections to external resources.
It should be used to help artica exporting data to an FTP, WebDav, NFS, CIFS remote resource.

  • Auto-mount center can be retrieved in the System/File Sharing section.

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Example: Add an FTP connection.

  • Click on the Add icon inside the Status section

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  • Select FTP directory in the drop-down list.
  • In remote Server name set the hostname of target FTP server
  • Give credentials
  • Give a name for the local directory.
    This name will be the mount point that can be used in order to access to the FTP resource inside the /automounts main directory.
    In this example, the FTP resource can be reached by browsing the local /automounts/ftp9 directory.

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Test your connection

  • Click on Mount list tab
  • Click on the local directory link in the table.

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  • If the connection is OK, you should see directories and files on the remote resource

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