Affect an Active Directory group to a web Filtering rule

If your Artica server is connected to an Active Directory server, you can define a web filtering rule according a defined Active Directory Group.

  • On the Web Filtering Rules section, create a new rule.

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  • Select your freshed rule
  • Select the group tab.
  • Click on “Link group” button
  • Click on “New group” button
  • In the drop-down list, choose “Active Directory group”

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  • On the left pan, browse your Active Directory and find your desired group.
  • Select the desired group and click on the “Select this group” button on the right pan.
  • Close the layer

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  • You will see the field Group ID filled

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  • Click on “Add” button.
  • The group is added in the “Available group” section.
  • Click on the Green arrow in order to affect group to the rule.

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  • Now the group is affected to your Web Filtering rule.
  • Fill the black and white list for this group.

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