Unlock rules using tickets

The unlock rule using tickets allow the proxy to send an email notification to administrators if your users encounter a blocked page.
In the received mail, administrators get a special link that unlock the web page for a period.

  • Select Your Proxy on the top menu.
  • Click on “Unlock rules

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  • On the main table, click on SMTP parameters
  • Define the SMTP parameters and test it to see if parameters are supported by your mail server.

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  • You can see your Unlock rule on the table.

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  • If rule matches blocked user can see a “Submit ticket” link at the bottom
    ( note : the page is displayed in English if browser is not in French)

30-05-2015 23-16-15

  • After clicking on the link, a confirmation web page is displayed to the user

30-05-2015 23-20-42

  • A mail message is sent to defined Administrators.
  • In the message, there is a link to release the locked pageĀ  for the user.

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