The Web security Appliance features

The Web security Appliance is an Appliance dedicated to perform HTTP/HTTPS malwares, phishing detections.

Security features

  • Antivirus HTTP/HTTPS scanning with ClamAV with Advanced patterns from “SecurityInfo” ( Enterprise License ).
    Include new patterns format called Yara Rules ( Enterprise License ).
  • DNSBL checking in order to trap bad domains directly from public DNS servers
  • Can use Artica categories such as malware, suspicious, spyware and phishing ( Enterprise License )

Monitoring features

  • Can display scanned object in real-time.
  • Provide charts/statistics on detected threats.
  • Can notify administrators when a malware is detected


  • ICAP Compatible with Artica v2.38
  • ICAP compatible with other proxies like BlueCoat, Squid, Olfeo…



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