How to connect Artica to the Artica Web security Appliance

The connection with a Web security Appliance is very simple.

  • Make sure your Artica Web security Appliance is up and running.
  • Make sure the TCP port 1345 is available between your Artica Proxy and your Artica Web security Appliance.
  • Make sure your using the latest Artica version ( starting to v2.38 )

Connect Your Artica Proxy

  • On Your proxy, under the Antivirus protection, choose Security Appliance grey link


  • Set the Security Appliance address in the Security Appliance Address field.
  • Click on Connect button


Verify the link

  • Open your Artica Web security Appliance Web console.
  • Click on Events TOP button.
  • On the real-time monitor you should see requests with the IP address of your connected Artica proxy server in the PROXY column.
    It means that communication is OK between the 2 servers.


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