Some Websites are strongly cached how to avoid it ?

For example, when browsing the following pages: or  or (and other news sites)
Sites appear to be cached and not updating with current information…

You have 2 ways to avoid it

1) Deny caches for defined sites:

  • On the top menu, click on Action button

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  • Choose “Deny From cache” item

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  • Add websites in the form ( use the main domain without https:// and without www )

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  • Click on Compile button.

Notice: And supported with Artica v2.20.090900 or above

If you have a web site called not, you need to add a hat before the domain eg “^” without the hat, this website will not match because by default the proxy will exclude from caches all *
On this new version, settings IP addresses and netmask (, ) is supported.

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2) Reduce globally  the cache level

  • On your Proxy section under the Proxy cache systems, click on Cache level link


09-09-2015 00-52-21

  • Reduce the cache level to 1 and click on Apply

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