Socks Proxy rules

By default when enabling the Socks Proxy service user can be connected on any remote port trough the Socks5/Socks4 proxy service.

  • Rules is the feature that can limit access to remote services.
  • Click on “New rule” to create a new rule.

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  • Order: The rule order in the list ( service will read rule in the defined order )
  • Mode: Allow or Deny
  • Source: The source ip address or the¬†source net mask in CDIR notation ( )
  • Source port: The Source port ( 0 means no source port checking )
  • Destination: The destination ip address or the destination net mask in CDIR notation ( )
  • Destination port: The destination port ( 0 means all ports )
  • Destination protocol: The proxy is able to analyze a set of protocol such as SMTP/HTTP…
  • Bandwidth:¬† if the rule is in “Allow” mode set the maximal bandwidth in bytes/s a connection can use.
  • Expire: Define the maximal time of the expire rule.


  • Rules can be set like a Firewall, in this example, we allow SSH only for the source address.

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