Quota per user/categories

The Artica v2.x is able to “block” Members/groups according downloaded size and/or per category.

This feature is no longer supported and replaced by the Quota Size proxy object


  • You need to have Web filtering engine enabled.
  • You need to have statistics enabled.
  • If you want to create quota rules with categories, you need to enable “Full features” in performance section our to use a “Category service“.


For performances objective, Artica build statistics only each hour.
In this case if you create a rule that blocks consumption per hour, detection will be executed only each hour.
If you want to block the user as soon as possible, you need to enable the extra “Build hourly statistics for Quotas feature under the Statistics options


Display the feature

  • Click on “Your Proxy
  • Under the Control section, click on Members quotas link.

10-04-2015 15-22-10

Create a simple rule: Block every one to 5MB/Hour

This example will block everybody when the sum of downloaded files exceed 5MB

  • On the table click on “New rule
  • Give the rule name.
  • Define the max size in MB
  • Choose the period (By hour).
  • Enable All systems option.

10-04-2015 15-31-04

  • Click on “Compile rules” to make rules in production mode

10-04-2015 15-41-33

  • Surf trough Internet, after several minutes, when quota exceed the defined value, you should see the web page error.

11-04-2015 01-46-57

 Use Categories: Limit to 5MB for audio-video, movies, webtv

  • On the rule, click on “Categories” tab.
  • Enable the audio-video, movies, webtv categories and apply rules.

11-04-2015 10-28-30

  • This rule will block members only if the bandwidth consumption exceed the size of one of the category listed.
  • It means that members have a quota of 5MB for audio-video or 5Mb for Movies, or 5Mb for webtv  ( not 5Mb for all of these category)

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