Proxy Appliance for Home

Artica can be easily used for Home for caching and filtering family.
This article describes the hardware recommendation and settings.

In many cases providers offer Internet boxes that did not meet the best way to implement a proxy.

The best implementation:

  1. Use Artica in transparent mode and play with the Proxy aliases feature in order to add username against MAC addresses ( for statistics)
  2. Disable your Internet box DHCP service and enable Artica DHCP service.
    In the Artica DHCP service, set the Artica server as the main gateway.

In this way all computers, smartphones, TV… will pass through the proxy and caught by Artica to pass all requests inside the proxy.
And if your children plan to shutdown your Artica server the Internet access will be broken :=)


The Hardware will depend on what feature you needed.

  • For Network card, the transparent mode use only 1 network card
  • For processor, prefer a Core I5 to start ( sure coreI7 should be better)
  • For memory you need at least 2.5GB for a minimal work (Proxy + Web filtering )
    • If you plan to use Antivirus, add 1GB.
    • If you plan to use the Categories service for best statistics, add 2GB
    • If you want all features, consider 5/6GB of memory.
  • For hard drive, the proxy needs disk with speed you can use a 500GB SATA drive or a 256GB SSD
    • If you plan to use HyperCache feature, you need at least 1TB hard drive because you will cache all updates such as Microsoft, Apple…



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