Daily Archives: October 15, 2016

Microsoft Active Directory and the WPAD

If you are using Microsoft Active Directory and Internet Explorer, the recommended approach is to use a Group Policy Object (GPO). To create your GPO, see Managing Browser Settings with Group Policy Tools. Most browsers are able to download a PAC file but do not provide GPO support. take a […]

Proxy Appliance for Home

Artica can be easily used for Home for caching and filtering family. This article describes the hardware recommendation and settings. In many cases providers offer Internet boxes that did not meet the best way to implement a proxy. The best implementation: Use Artica in transparent mode and play with the […]

High SWAP usage

Your server complains that it’s swap usage is full and is turned to red. But you see that the memory is not fully used. In this example, the swap is 100% used but the memory is 50% usedThis means during a short period the server use a lot of memory […]