Protect your users with PhishTank

PhishTank is a community anti-phishing Web site where anyone can go to submit suspected phishes, track the status of their submissions and help verify others submissions.
Unlike other anti-phishing efforts that may come to mind, PhishTank is totally free to use and open to access.

Before enable feature on Artica, go into in order to register and get a free API Key.

  • On the TOP Menu, choose “Your Proxy“.
  • Click on “Service status” under the filter section.

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Under the PhishTank section, click on the API Key link and set your API Key and click on Apply.

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  • Artica must download and compile the phistank database in order to protect your users.
  • On the TOP Menu, choose “Your Proxy“.
  • Under Update & Maintain section, click on Webfilter databases

15-06-2015 01-30-15

  • You should see Phishtank version and items number.
  • If not, click on “Update button”

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