patch 3.06.061618

This patch can be used from the latest 3.06.050915.
After apply this patch, you Artica version will be upgraded to  3.06.061618

Fix in this Patch:
This patch already includes fixes in patch 3.06.051813 , 3.06.052317 and 3.06.052612

  1. Artica Proxy watchdog crash when testing caches store status
  2. Optimize system crash when running task on a XenServer Virtual machine.
  3. When disable the IDS service, rules defined by the IDS are not removed and will still been generated all the time.
  4. Artica-Meta client did not replicate orders and full information caused by a crash when exporting local computers.
  5. Members are not correctly inserted into the Web-filtering statistics table
  6. Unable to delete groups definition in the Web-filtering section

To apply this patch:

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