How to stress your Artica proxy server from a Windows Client

The WebServer Stress Tool is a Freeware tool that able to stress websites.
In our case we will use it in order to stress Artica by stressing Internet with the Artica Proxy.

  • Download and uncompress the WebServer Stress Tool ( )
  • Inside the you will find a basic configuration with 100 saved urls
  • Install the WebServer Stress Tool
  • After installing the tool, click on File / Open Scenario file.


  • Open your uncompressed directory and the StressTool-config directory and select the StressTool.ini file.
  • Click on Browser Settings and change the proxy address and port.


  • Click on “Test Type” and changes the test delay, the number of users you want to simulate.


  • After complete, Click on Start Test button



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