How to retrieve Internet history for an user

Artica proxy statistics allows you to retrieve history for a specific member.

Generate the query

  • On the top menu, click on “Statistics
  • Choose Members icon


  • Click on the “Build the query” button.
  • Define the User id in drop-down list
  • Choose the period
  • give the username on the search field.
  • Click on Generate statistics.


  • The table disable your member and the total of downloaded size. Click on the link


  • A new query is automatically created in order to display graphics of grabbed data.
  • Click on “Chronology” link on the top black menu in order to see websites ordered by time.


  • A table show access by date.
  • If your query is less than 24H, the table display requests by time
  • If your query is more than 24H, the table display requests by day.


Retrieve generated data in CSV

On the top menu click on Statistics and choose reports icon


  • You will see in a table all queries generated by the statistics area.
  • Select the last one used to generate user’s graphics.
  • Click on the CSV icon on the right side
  • Download the CSV file that stores all requests.





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