How to connect Artica to Luminati service ?

The Luminati service ( ) is a business proxy network service.

To use the luminati service, you have to fix the proxy hostname with the port and the authentification as Parent proxy.

  • On the TOP Menu, select “Your Proxy
  • Choose “Parent Proxy” link.

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  • On the status section, turn to green the Use Parent Proxy option and click on Apply button


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  • On the Parents Proxies section, click on Add a parent proxy button.
  • set the as hostname and 22225 as port

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  • Click on the added proxy in the list.
  • Choose “Options
  • Click on “New option
  • Choose “login=user:password” in the drop-down list
  • Set the entry lum-customer-CUSTOMER-zone-YOURZONE:PASSWORD in the field
  • Click on the button to save the option.


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  • Click on Apply button on the table to make settings in production mode.

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