Get an error when connecting to a website, first step

When using the proxy if you receive an error on your browsers, the first step is to test if the proxy can connect itself to the target website

With Artica Web Console

On the top menu, click on Your proxy

Your proxy on the top menu

Your proxy on the top menu

On Support & debug, chooseDebug tools

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  • Click on Website analysis tab.
  • Set the the complete URI on the request field.
  • Click on Submit.

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  • After click on Submit, you will see the request results on the proxy box.
  • If you see errors, then the connection to the website is a routing issue between the proxy and Internet not between browsers and proxy.

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Using SSH on the proxy box

With “putty” open an SSH connection to the proxy ( using root and the password – by default it is “artica” )

Perform this command line:

curl --verbose

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