Exclude sources/destinations for transparent methods

The transparent methods ( Transparent Proxy or Intercept ) force to pass all packets trough the proxy.
As Artica is the main gateway all nodes are transfered trough the proxy.

If you want some TCP/IP addresses to be excluded from the proxy, you can use this way:

Features can be seen only if the FireWall is activated and if you using Transparent Proxy or Intercept methods.

  • On the top menu, click on Your Proxy
  • Select Listen ports link

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  • On the main table, click on the desired transparent port.
  • A layer with tabs is displayed
  • Exclude destinations did not pass trough proxy packets that must be forwarded to specifics subnet/ip addresses.
  • Exclude sources did not pass trough proxy packets from specifics subnet/ip addresses.
  • Choose one of them.

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  • Click on New network in order to add excluded items.
  • Add IP addresses or subnets separated by a carriage return.
  • When finish, click on Apply button to make rules in production mode.

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